Slurping on her gelatin, over the clatter of her spoon hitting the bowl, Boo Boo heard a noise. It was not surprising. The walls were incredibly thin; three sheets of printer paper stacked over the other. Boo Boo shrugged the noise off. To her, it could have been the neighbors rustling around their room looking for more paper to roll joints in. It could have been the neighbors chihuahua scratching at his owner’s bedroom door, desperate for food. However she realized this noise was different.

It was the noise like fingers nails scraping the metal of a car hood. Slowly and without care. The wind jostling the arms causing them to swing even more. Left. Right. Left. Right. The crescendo of summer rain dropping onto the car, making a thud thud noise. The slither of the rain down the roof onto the windows and the window shield, turning them red.

Boo Boo blinked her eyes. Once then twice, as if trying to cleanse her eyes of the vision. Tears were pooled in her dark brown eyes, making them glisten.
How macabre, she thought.

The noise was still there. A noise was an inaccurate word for this sound. This sound was a hum. A hum very familiar to Boo Boo. The true name of this hum pestered Boo Boo, because whenever she attempted to remember all she thought of was the spring rain and the scraping finger tips. The fingers were stiffly curled as if trying to claw through the roof, and slowly turning blue.

Boo Boo twirled a strand of her hair between two navy nailed fingers. She knew what the the stiffness of the curled fingers was called. She was positive. It was two words. Nestor said them quite frequently. He always, always mentioned it when talking about death.


Boo Boo stood up suddenly. The bowl of gelatin sliding off her lap and onto the floor with a dull thunk.

She knew what the humming meant now. It was death. They finally came for her. Boo Boo didn’t know if it was the mitties or her other admirers. But she realized, it didn’t matter. They both wanted to kill her.Boo Boo did not panic. She remained calm, because now she knew it was too late. Too late to run. Too late to hide. She was screwed. Looking up, Boo Boo saw the vent in which the hum was emanating.

“Oh great! They sent an assassin droid.” As soon as she said the word droid, a pair metallic claws skewered the vent and pried it apart. Boo Boo couldn’t see the rest of the assassin droid, but she could see the glowing red eyes.

Why are the eyes always red? Why not black or grey? Those are scary colors too. She thought to herself, as the droid dropped onto the coffee table that Martha’s old tv precariously sat on.

She ducked to the ground as the television burst into flames. That was definitely not a surprise, since the tv was prone with or without aid to combust. The flames spread to the coffee table, gorging itself on wood, and began to grow in size. Boo Boo began coughing as smoke slowly filled the room. Despite the smoke obscuring her vision, she still made out the the advancing seven foot tall figure.

Boo Boo internally struggled. She wanted to stay but she also wanted to run. She knew that death was inevitable so inventible that it was literally in the room with her. What’s the loin of running if it would catch her? It would always find her, because once the assassin droid was locked in on it’s target, it would not stop. It would always find them, because of it’s bio link feature. All citizens at birth gave a sample of their DNA to the government for “safe keeping.” “Safe keeping” meant if you were a threat or didn’t comply to society, the government would upload your DNA to one of these bad boys and send it after you.

Boo Boo scoffed and mumbled, “Thank you, Feds, for keeping my DNA. I wouldn’t have fully enjoyed life without this happening to me”

Giving in to death would be too easy. However Boo Boo didn’t want to die like this; struggling to breath in a burning room with an assassin droid ready to stab, beat, shoot, torture, choke etc. her to death. There were just too many options.

Boo Boo was willing to take a risk.

Spinning on her heal, she took three steps toward the front door before she was yanked by her hair backwards. She let out a scream as she felt part of her hair and scalp being yanked out. Suddenly the claw buried in her hair was removed and fastened itself around her throat, lifting her feet off the ground.
As she was being choked to death, Boo Boo felt more cognizant of herself. She heard the rushing of her blood and the pounding of her heart. She felt the hot trickle of blood down her neck, and the unbearable heaviness and heat in her head. She saw the encroaching fuzziness of her vision. Feeling exhausted, she allowed her head loll to the side and closed her eyes. Her body was almost entirely numb, except her toes which were being dragged across the carpeting.

Boo Boo inanely thought, Oh no! My outfit must look horrible. Realizing she just thought that, she burst into giggles which came out sounding like gurgles. She was about to die, and she was concerned about her outfit!

I am ridiculous, she thought as her lungs contracted painfully in her chest.
Before she passed out, she heard the dull sound of breaking class, felt the whoosh of air, and then she could breathe again. She gasped out in relief.

But she was falling. Falling thirty six floors onto the above ground parking lot.

Boo Boo was going to die a horrible death. However she comforted herself in knowing that it would be quick. She would die as soon as she hit the ground, or car in her case. She wondered what car she would land on. There weren’t that many cars, too expensive for most people, so she went though a mental list. Would it be a lime green convertible, a flower printed van, a scratched up, junkyard hatchback, or an ugly puke colored minivan that ironically smelled of vomit? Boo Boo put her money on the minivan.

Boo Boo remembered that Martha was in the parking lot to get Garret. She wondered if Martha saw her right now, falling though the air surrounded by red orange hair and wearing a bloodied periwinkle track suit. She wondered if Martha would care.

Boo Boo decided no. Martha would not care. She accepted that. However Boo Boo hoped that Martha wouldn’t blame her for the disaster of a living room, because that was most certainly not her fault.

Boo Boo was later found by EMTs on top of a red pick-up truck right next to the puke colored minivan.

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